Become a Stray Away Brand Ambassador!

Do you love to travel and crave adventure? Are you a social media whiz? An avid chatter? 

Become a Stray Away Brand Ambassador and get yourself a FREE trip to Thailand!

How it works:

After you fill out this quick form you will receive your own personal Stray Away  Ambassador referral code. This code will allow you to offer a discount of either $30 or $50  (dependent on the length of the trip) to anyone who signs up for a trip using it! We’ll keep  track of how many people sign up using your code and count your points earned.

For every  person that signs up for a 12 day trip using your code, you will earn 50 points. For the 22  day trips you will earn 75 points per person.

Reach 1000 points and you will find yourself  on a FREE 22 day Thailand adventure on a date of your choosing!

It’s that easy! That means if just 13 people sign up for a 22 day trip using your code …



  • Like and share our Facebook page
  • Read information package sent with your referral code so that you’re able to answer some of the most common questions about Stray Away and our trips

Tips and Tricks:

  • Share and post about Stray Away on your Facebook / Instagram
  • Put your referral code in your Instagram profile
  • Make a youtube video on your channel
  • Put up posters at your school/University


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