Experience the High Life

The land of Rasta and Rocks! Railay is a beach paradise peninsula on the Andaman Sea known worldwide for its perfect rock climbing conditions on limestone mountains. Dangling stalactites dot the peninsula and if you look up you’ll likely find a climber or two hanging from high above! Isolated from the mainland, Railay boasts two absolutely gorgeous beaches frequented by day trippers from near and far. It’s the perfect place for those who are adventurous and also for those who are up for nothing but laying very still on the beach or by the pool! Monkeys climb alongside rock climbers here and the beaches are set against an immense beautiful jungle background framed by nothing but crystal clear waters and stunning mountains above. Railay is accessible only by boat which makes it the perfect tropical destination for any traveller looking to get away from the busy and bustling mainland life. Lose yourself in tropical Thailand magic! There’s no better place than Railay!



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