Chiang Mai

Mountain Magic and City Charm

Chiang Mai is a completely charming city and the beautiful and culture rich ‘northern capital’ of Thailand. Set amongst mountains and temples galore, Chiang Mai has actually turned into a busy and populated city, but somehow still feels incredibly quaint and is a favourite of many travellers to Thailand. The centre of the city is a perfectly square shaped moat surrounded by great little restaurants, shopping spots, and a variety of amazing night markets. Drive out of the city centre in any direction and find yourself surrounded by lush green rice fields, winding mountain roads, and more sights to see than any traveller could dream to have enough time for! Waterfalls, mountain top temples, and peaceful country villages dot the outskirts of Chiang Mai, and are also home to a growing number of sanctuaries aimed at the rescue of Elephants from trekking camps.  Take a quick ride into the jungle and go trekking to nearby hill tribes where you can observe an entirely different language, culture, and lifestyle than the rest of the country! Or stay in town and take any number of the hundreds of temples and great hotspots to connect with other travellers. Chiang Mai really does have it all!


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