The Big Mango, The City of Angels, Bangkok

Thailand’s wildest and biggest city! Bangkok is the the capital of Thailand and an enormous, magical metropolis located on the delta of the Chaophraya river about 40 km away from the Gulf of Thailand. Known as a travel destination hot spot in South East Asia and the gateway to Thailand; Bangkok is an exciting place with a unique history, vibrant nightlife, and more sights and attractions than any one person could count. This city is the perfect mix of traditional Thailand and modernity. Its skyline is full of incredible and unique skyscrapers highlighted by the glittering golden tops of hundreds of Buddhist temples. Its busy urban streets are contrasted by the immense, stunning canal system flowing throughout the entire city into the Gulf. Its bustling busy days end with incredible peaceful orange sunsets that seem to set the entire world alight. An amazing place for shopping (for anything you can imagine), adventuring, and wild nights on the town!


Bangkok skyline

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