Traditional Thailand

Take a step into the past as you journey into the small town of Amphawa! Located about 65 km west of Bangkok, Amphawa is a popular destination for day trips from the big city! Known for its floating market with unique and delicious Thai cuisine such as the famous ‘boat noodles’ and even more importantly fresh coconut desserts, Amphawa is sure to tickle your tastebuds and amaze even the most well travelled tourist to Thailand.  Wake up each morning to participate in a unique Alms Giving (offering to local Monks) along the winding canals and spend the rest of your day getting lost in what seems like Thailand’s bygone lifestyle! Beautiful and traditional Teak wood buildings on stilts line the rivers where local handicrafts are made and taught to those who happen to pass by. Amphawa is like a breath of fresh air with its laid back ambience and gorgeous riverside scenes. A destination not to be missed!


Amphawa Destination

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